Thursday, 25 December 2014

Beneath Your Surface (GxB,Romance,Friendship,SchoolLife,Otome,VisualNovel) [W.I.P]

Beneath Your Surface (Title subject to change)
Genre- GxB, Romance, School Life, Friendship
(A/N: Just a smaller project using online assets and resources so that I can get geared up for my (hopefully) longer game to be)
Optimistic release date- End of December/Beginning of January
Yuuna(name changeable) had always thought herself to be a reserved person- not in that she was quiet or shy but because she just wasn't good at being her usual self in front of other people. Because of this, the only people whom she regularly interacts with are the members of their school's literature club. They didn't have any unbreakable bond forged on deep understanding or unshakable faith,but when she was there she always felt like she belonged....maybe it was the same for them to some extent. But what happens when the school decides to shut down the literature club because there were only three members and they weren't doing anything 'productive'? In a desperate final attempt the club president manages to make a wager with the principal: that they-the three of them- would produce a school newspaper by the end of the month.
And now, the race is on to get a mildly interesting newspaper out in two weeks' time and get at least 500 votes from the student body lest their club be dissolved. How exactly is Yuuna to pull this off partnered with an overly excitable self-proclaimed leader who can't sit still for 10 minutes,a sweat/sour guy who hates doing anything too troublesome and absolutely no access to a printing press? And for some reason Yuuna keeps bumping into the school's most notorious ex-soccer-player delinquent...and for some reason weirder still, their president thinks that he might make for an interesting story subject.


A very chirpy an excitable girl who has a widely recognized knack of getting her way. In her first year, she took it upon herself to revive the school's literature club despite being just a newcomer. She has a very strong sense of justice and has a tendency to be pushy and overreact at the strangest things.

A rather short boy with flashily coloured hair. Endeared as 'Rio-chan', he is more or less hailed as a "sweet and innocent cute-y" by the entirety of the female populace. In reality, he is a rather sarcastic person who hates doing troublesome stuff and this real self only comes to surface when he's in the club walls.

A very serious person who has a no-nonsense air all about him. He is tough and sturdy but as Yuuna says, he looks nothing like what one would expect a delinquent to be. He is feared by the majority of the populace and people tend to steer clear of him. He doesn't look the least bit interested in human interaction, either.

Sprites: Females-Tokudaya Males-Elzee (100%)
Backgrounds- 50% (will add credits soon)
Music- Josh Woodward (80%)
GUI&Logo- 20% (W.I.P)

Feed Back Questionnaire
1. Is the title okay? Can I have suggestions for alternate ones? (It doesn't have to be similar to this one)
2. Does the plot look interesting enough that you'd consider downloading AND playing it?
3. Are the sprites off-putting (since they've probably been used loads before?)
4. Would you be interested in having Rio as an obtainable character? (Don't know if I'll actually implement that)

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how this sounds as an overall game.
Sayumi out!~

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Kiss And Tell (GxB, Romance, School Life, Otome,W.I.P)

So, I've started working on my first ever visual novel using the ren'py engine, titled 'Kiss and Tell'.

Genre : Romance, School Life, GxB, Otome.
Ayane (name changeable), was just another normal girl-, crushing on the school's most popular guy, spending hours on her flowing crimson hair to get it just right, picking out clothes with the utmost care so that her image exuded cuteness and hoping against hope that her 'prince charming' would at the very least spare a glance in her direction. On the last day of middle school, she gathers her courage to go speak to the aforementioned school idol and it doesn't end well. What bothered her wasn't the fact that she was called 'uncute' or that a group of strangers ridiculed her, but the realization that the way she lived her life until then- blindly following trends and being just another sheep in the flock- was pointless. 
So she cut her hair short, changed her image and vowed to start high school as a changed person. Little did she know that this image change would attract her more attention than she'd ever hoped her fully-groomed self could achieve. Though she had mostly given up on finding love and excitement in her high school days, a rather shocking encounter in the music room and a subsequent anonymous note in her locker indicates otherwise.
Main Character : Ayane

Obtainable Characters:

1. Ryuu Toudou
One of the most popular guys in the entire school. A very cheerful and out-going kind of guy who is very comfortable being popular and has no trouble in sweet-talking without a moment's notice. He takes joy in makinghis 'fangirls' hang on every single word he says. He seems to have a mean streak and strangely enough, Ayane is the only one who's ever experienced it. Once she cuts her hair, she becomes a more thorough victim of his mean side and it comes to a point where she openly resents him. Regrettably -however unlikely- he is one of the suspects from the music room incident.

2.Atari Hoshikawa
A rather soft-spoken guy who seems to have trouble interacting with people. He's been in the same class as Ayane since middle school and in high school he now sits in the seat beside her. His sweet disposition has earned him the nickname, the 'class's angel'. He seems innocent enough but circumstances point him as a suspect of the music room incident.

Other characters
1. Miyako
Ayane's closest friend who now goes to a different high school. Though initially taken aback by Ayane's sudden change, she is one of the only people who believes that the new 'her' suits her actual personality more. For some reason she takes pride in her ability to play cupid (not that Ayane was ever convinced of these ablities).

Creator's Note
So this is going to be my very first project and well, I wanted to start in the otome department XD. It's a one girl project, i.e despite being a newbie I'm going to be doing all the sprite drawing, coding, story writing and partial GUI making by myself. I'm a rather heavy procrastinator, so though I'd like to release this project by the end of the year I'll keep the deadline as Valentines Day 2015. I'll move this to the W.I.P section once I actively start working on the sprites (hopefully 1/2 weeks from now). I aim for the game to be of relatively medium length and have a few events planned out in my mind, it's only a question of structuring them out effectively.

For now, if you'd please answer the following questions.

Feedback Questionnaire.
1. Is my sprite drawing style okay for a VN? 
2. Do you find the school theme too generic?
3. Are the obtainable characters okay? If not, what kind of personality would you prefer them to have?
4. Would you play the game if it had no CGs?

Thank you for taking the time to read... ^^